Makin’ It Up As I Go Along…

Epic title is epic.  Its only Tuesday, and already, I’m ready for it to be Friday.

But… a poast, I haz one.  This is gonna be… kinda random.  I’m not going to focus on two specific subjects today because those posts I like to have planned out ahead of time and, well… I was lazy.  -shrug-  But, it should still at least be entertaining- my goal in all things on this blog.  So, I present you with a post about some things that are mostly unrelated but definitely bear discussing.

First off on the list:  Sucker Punch.  This came out in theaters  this past Friday.  Let me give you a trailer first, in case you haven’t seen it.

Now, let me start off by saying this- if you expected some huge dramatic story, or something about morals, or- really- anything but an asskicking movie with amazing visuals and an addictive soundtrack- you are clearly barking up the wrong tree.  Does it have a story?  Yeah.  And its ok.  Nothing earthshatteringly awesome, but interesting enough to keep me occupied.  But why did I see this movie?

I’ll tell you now, it wasn’t the damn story.  Reasons, let me show you them:

  • kick ass hot chicks with guns
  • giant samurai robots with railguns
  • steampunk soldiers and battlesuits
  • dragons
  • giant samurai robots with naginatas
  • fabulous imagery
  • giant samurai robots with swords

This movie was, above all else, fun to watch.  The graphics were astounding, the landscapes of Baby Doll’s inner world were stunning- and right up my alley.  But don’t expect to be awestruck by the story, which was okay at best.  Go for the visuals, because they will rock your world.

Item #2:  A Song of Ice and Fire. We have two things of note here.  First is the announced release date of A Dance With Dragons.


-SQUEE!-  So, for all of us who have been waiting for YEARS for George to finish up, there is hope!  July 12th, 2011 ADwD drops in the US and UK, just in time, might I add, for the release of the HBO special based on the first book, Game of Thrones, set to debut on HBO April 17th.

Ok, if you have not read this series- GO NOW.  STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GO GET IT.  These books- 4 in total for now, until ADwD is released- tell the story of a war torn land called Westeros.  In this land, seasons last for decades, lords and ladies rule the land, and behind every corner is some form of subterfuge.  These books have everything- greed, sex, betrayal, murder, betrayal, deception, betrayal, sex, magic, betrayal, greed, BETRAYAL… oh, did I forget to mention betrayal?  Westeros tears itself apart from the inside as forces from both the South- commanded by the deposed Princess- and the North- wraithlike, otherworldly beings known only as the Others and guarded only by the land’s unwanted sons, dubbed The Night’s Watch.  At the center is a broad cast of characters, each with vibrant personalities and- most importantly- obvious flaws.  You don’t NEED to read the books to watch the series- but you need to read the books to get anything that’s going on in ADwD.  So GET CRACKING.  You will get sucked into this world as easily as I did.  Oh, and if you read the books… beware the Red Wedding.  THAT’S ALL I’M SAYIN.’

And speaking of awesome TV series, Starz is coming up with a pretty sweet looking rendition of the King Arthur legend, called Camelot.

As I am a nerd about all things Arthurian, I will undoubtedly be as glued to this as I was to The Walking Dead (squee for another season in October!)  This is, unfortunately, all I’ve seen of it so far, barring research, so we’ll move on for now.

Let’s discuss this summers movies- specifically, Comic Book Movies.  Several new trailers have been released, and I don’t think I could possibly pick one over there others, so I’ll just put them out there in the order I remember them.  First one that comes to mind is Thor.

Ok, Anthony Hopkins as Odin?  Fuckin’ awesome.  Especially since he BEATS THOR DOWN.  See?  Discipline is rough when you’re immortal.  It means you can get away with a lot more with less bruising.  This is, as you all know, just another stepping stone in the path to the Avengers movie, and promises to bring much thunder god fueled rage yumminess to the screen.  I cannot WAIT to see this.  Of course, we can’t talk Avengers without talking about the First Avenger, Captain America.

-ohshitohshitohshit-  This is going to be monumental.  There are no words to describe how squeetastic I got when I saw this on Sunday.  NO WORDS.  I think the trailer pretty much speaks for itself.  Take some experimental drugs, run like hell, punch a sub, look like a total bad ass… what’s not to like?  And… and… Hugo Weaving as Red Skull?!  GAH!  -dies of all the awesome-

And this, of course, leads me into the next comic movie of the summer- Green Lantern!

A trailer that starts off with Ryan Reynolds in his underwear.  Ladies of the geek and gamer communities, you’re welcome.  -bow-  I am actually kinda skeptical about this.  I know he’s slated to star as Wade Wilson in Deadpool (set to be release in 2014, and a role he was BORN to play), but I’m not so sure he can pull off Hal Jordan, who is more of the self- sacrificing type instead of the smart- ass type.  But, I’ll withhold my judgement until I actually see it.

On the World of Warcrat front, Blizzard will be selling another flying mount in their store!  The Winged Guardian, pictured below, beats the pants off of the sparklehorse they offered up before.



My mage is going to look SO FUCKING SICK on this lion.  SO SICK that I do not know if I’ll be able to stand it.  Looks like its in the PTR right now for patch 4.2, so we’ll see when this beaut gets released to the public.

And that’s it for now.  Before I sign off, though, let’s poke around the blogosphere, shall we?


And that’s it for now, folks!  tune in next time where I’ll be discussing  a Warhammer 40k army list that will probably make people cry.  Until then!



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